9 Days Shared Tour  

From Your hotel in  Amman to Amman City Tour 

Description : 

The Driver will Wait You in Your hotel in  Amman  then will drive you To Amman City Tour to Visit  the Following sites : 

* Amman Citadel .

* Roman Theater.

* Jordan Museum .

*Royal Automobile Museum*

*king Abdullah Mosque.

* 2 Hrs Walked in the Down town  

Then to Your hotel in Amman .

Overnight in Amman .

Day One 

Amman City Tour
+including Lunch 
Overnight in Amman 

The Driver will drive you from your hotel in Amman to Jerash , Ajlun Castle.

From Amman to Jerash Around 1 Hrs Drive .                    

You can stay in Jerash 3 Hrs .
From Jerash to Ajlun Castle Around 45 Minutes .

You can stay in Ajlun Castle Around 1 Hrs Because its small castle .

You can stop for Lunch between Jerash and Ajlun Castle .

Overnight in Amman .

Day 2

Heading 5

The driver will drive you from your Hotel in Amman to Petra By Kings Highway with stop in The Following sites :

Madaba-Mount Nebo - Karak Castle Then drop of in Petra.

Around 7 Hrs drive .

Overnight in Petra.

Day 3

Heading 5

All Day in Petra , there are  No Transportation 

Day 4 

Heading 5

The Driver will Drive you from Petra to Wadi Rum.

 Around 2 Hrs drive

Day 5 

Heading 5

The driver will drive you from Wadi Rum to your Hotel in Dead Sea .

Around 4:00  Hrs drive .

Overnight in Dead Sea .

Day 6

Heading 5

The Driver will Drive you from Your hotel in  Dead Sea to Asalt

Around 90 Min Drive

Then Will Drive you to The Desert Castles :

(Qasr al-Kharrana , Qasr Amra  and Azraq Castel )

Around 2:30 Hrs Drive

The Driver will Drive you from  The Desert Castles to Your Hotel in Amman.

Around 2:30 Hrs Drive

Day 7 

Heading 5

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