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Al-Shaumari Reserve

In 1975, RSCN began fencing areas within Shaumari in preparation for the first wildlife protection reserve in Jordan, covering an area of 22 km2. Shaumari Reserve acted as the first model reserve in Jordan’s dry desert climate, providing grounds for learning practical application methods in establishing and managing other reserves around Jordan. It is comprised of two main topographic features, desert wadis and hammada areas. Desert wadis form around 65% of its total area, the most well-known being Wadi Shaumari, which cuts straight through the heart of the site, giving the reserve its name

Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is now home to some of the rarest species of animals in the Middle East, such as Ostriches Struthio camelus, Goitered Gazelles Gazella subgutturosa and Persian Onagers Equus hemionus. RSCN has exerted great effort to help these animals rebuild their populations and reassert their presence within the safety of the reserve, protected from the hunting and habitat destruction that nearly wiped them out

Visitors to Shaumari have an opportunity to see the living results of this global co-operation. The Oryx can often be seen roaming freely in the desert grassland, and the Ostriches, Gazelles, and Onagers can be observed in their enclosures. As a model of environmental education that is suitable for all levels of learners, the reserve has become a popular spot for children and school outings.

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